I am beautiful because I never quit. I am loyal, strong, forgiving and goofy. I love and have hope.  I have my family still.


I am beautiful because I am a chicken. Because I am better than Frankie [my puppy], who's my best brother.

Leo, Age 4

I am beautiful because of my family. My son and I are alive.  I'm alive.


Not Just Surviving, But Thriving, 2013

In the Fall of 2013, I received a message on my facebook page from Amber.  She and her husband, Steve, came across one of my recent art shows. They were moved by the images, especially those Evan, a wounded Marine and amputee featured in some of the photographs. Part of her message read, "I really don't know where to begin.  I guess I am writing because I love your work and what you have done for veterans. More like all people." 

I was honored and humbled.  I learned they and their son, Leo, were greatly impacted by the Boston Marathon bombings.  Steve and Leo were injured by one of the two explosions.  

They had not been photographed as a family for years. They also chose to heal privately, away from the media. We decided to do the photo shoot under the umbrella of the You. Are. Beautiful. project. Art can be healing, and based on Amber's feedback, she realized their family is not only surviving, they are thriving. 

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